10. Dezember 2011

1874 - Taille/Bodice: "Princess Beatrice Corsage"

 "The corsage consists of No.1, Front; No. 2, Back; No.3, Half of Side-body; No. 4, Half of Sleeve. On the front we have fastened in the proper place, the vest and the revers. The vest may be either continued up to the neck, as in the diagram, or cut off across the chest, as seen in the engraving. If the open style is preferred, it is more usual only to have the vest imitated, by putting in the front piece, as we have given it; although some prefer to cut the vest entire, sewing it in at the shoulder-seams, and under the arms. The middle of the back is cut open, and ornamented by revers, as indicated in the design. The coat-sleeve has a deep cuff falling over the seam of the sleeve, and wider at the bottom."  - Peterson´s Magazine 1874 -

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